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Leaders Around the World


Brenda Murphy

Yoga & Meditation



Angela Velez

Vedic Astrology


Ramji Singh

Sound Therapy & Meditation 



Prakash Chegu

Kundalini Yoga

Andrea Langarica

Fitness Coach

Naomi Olsen

Energy Healing & Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Dr. Eva Yacobi

Natural Medicine

South Africa

Linda Kantor

Mindfulness & Kundalini Yoga

Carmen Mettler

Awareness Coach & Intuitive



Jessica Brull

Integrative Wellness Coach

United States



Scotty King

Breathwork & Yoga


Lana Sackwild

Lucid Dream Coach


Julie Fidalgo

Mindset Coach


Bianca Abbott

Health Coach & Kundalini Yoga

Michelle Berlin

Sound Healing

Victoria Brunacci


Jax Burbage

Yoga Therapist

Bhavana Dalal

Reiki & Pranic Healing 

Bhishma Dalal

Reiki & Pranic Healing

Kalki Das

Vedic Astrology

Alexandra Delgado

Mindful Copywriter

Donato Helbling

Wim Hof Breath

Lucas Irwin

Integrative Health Coach 



Keith Kohler

Business Finance Coaching

Jennifer Madrigal

Mindfulness Coach

Seth Miller

Energy Healing

Jessica Pfeffer

Wellth Advisor

Oliver Pfeffer

Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Anthony Profeta

Meditation & Sound Healing

Lauren Romero


Chelsea Sarnecki

Mindful Meditation

Paul Silitsky

Mindful Career Coach

Sri Sudarshan

Meditation, Yoga & Vedic Mantra

Jen Todd

Mindful Business Coach

Ana Tootle

Mindful Meditation

Arianne Traverso 

Holistic Business

Irina Vlada

Awareness Coach

Stefano Zen

Intro Meditation

Claire Zovko

Vedic Astrology


Sound Meditation


Why become an Evolve Leader?

  • Showcase the mindful modalities you teach while gaining exposure to our global community of Members and fellow Leaders

  • Enjoy a flexible schedule and enhanced reach with virtual private and group sessions 

  • Communicate with clients, maintain your calendar, and accept payments all within the app

Leader Checklist 


  • All Leaders must have at least two years of professional experience and five years of personal practice


  • Yoga Leaders: Yoga Alliance Certified or Equivalent


  • Coaches: ICF Certified or Equivalent


  • Alternative Modalities: Accredited Certification


  • Comfortable using the Stripe third-party payment processor (and your home country is supported)


  • Aligned with the evolve community values of awareness, compassion, connection, evolution and freedom

Apply to be a Founding Leader 


Step 1

Click here to join our waitlist and select the checkbox indicating your interest in joining as a Leader. 

Step 2

Submit your Leader Agreement and either the W9 (for US) or W8 (for non-US).


Step 3

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