• Scotty King

Act with Confidence

For several years, I dug deep into books, personal development courses and coaching programs.

I had the biggest burning desire to change, improve and grow myself into having the confidence and belief I saw in other people who I saw as role models.

After years of programs, books and tens of thousands of dollars invested into coaching/mentors, I’ve come to realize there is no person, place or thing that is going to build your self-confidence.

You are the only person who can build your own sense of real self-confidence.

Not your mom, partner, coach, sister nor grandma can make you feel more confident.

When we rely and depend on an external source for our confidence, it is not a true source of our own self-confidence within.

True self-confidence does not rely or depend on external validation and approval.

The fastest and most powerful way to build confidence is to ACT

ACT with courage

ACT with excitement

ACT with passion

ACT with resilience

ACT with faith

Just put yourself in ACTION towards whatever it is that you want. Whatever it is that excites you. Whatever desire, dream or vision you have.

I promise you that once you ACT (backed with high emotion), you will build your confidence and belief over time.

Remember, consistency is everything. Consistent action will heal your deepest internal fears and prove to yourself that you are worthy and deserving to have it all.

Begin ACTING with confidence.

What will you put into ACTION today?

This is where your self-confidence and belief really begins to build!

About the Author

Scotty King is a Breathwork Master + Coach. He helps people to overcome their self-sabotaging behaviors to confidently pursue their passion and manifest their vision.


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