• Sri Sudarshan

Being Relaxed

In the hectic pace of modern life, more and more doctors and psychologists are recognizing the importance of relaxation for treating various ailments of mind and body. For thousands of years, Yoga has taught the secrets of recharging the body when tired and elevating the mind when depressed. Restlessness, worries, grief and frustration are the symptoms that rob your mind and body of the vibrancy and energy they once possessed. Apart from promoting health and vitality, relaxation is the gateway to the development of an ethical and spiritual life. One who is relaxed is more tolerant toward the eccentricities of others, more enduring in conditions of pleasure and pain, more patient and resourceful in situations of adversity, and more understanding of the deeper meaning in life. A relaxed person breathes deeply, softly and rhythmically. They open their lungs to the ever-renewing ocean of vitality all around them. They do not maintain abnormal tension in the body while sitting, laying down, conversing with others or performing their various duties in life. When they work, a relaxed person is dynamic, precise and skillful. They have a greater output of work while using less energy. They know the art of conserving mental energy and the science of recharging it whenever needed. After lifting a heavy object, the tension in your legs, hands and arms is no longer needed. In a similar way, though intensely involved in actions, you can turn away from the rush of activity and resign to the cool and joyous breeze of relaxation, all while maintaining your responsibilities. Just as a swan, when it wants to soar, shakes off the water of the world-process, so too can a relaxed person experience peace and serenity while being ever-ready to respond to the demands of life, and ever-flexible to the needs of the soul. A person who is not relaxed wastes both physical and mental energy. Such a person has a mind that is inclined to manifold desires, agitation, greed and hatred. Their breath is ever-irregular, disturbed and disbalanced. Their body suffers due to tense nerves. Every negative thought is born on their face and every fearful feeling creates hollowness in their heart. Under the devilish spell of ignorance, they succumb to untold miseries and untimely death. One can observe those who live a life of perpetual tension. When they sit, they fidget with their legs or hands. When they talk, they repeat the same thing over and over. When they wait for someone to arrive or something to happen, they place a great burden on their hearts and their nervous systems – impatience grips their minds. Having the body in such a state of tension for such a long time causes the burden to be ignored by the mind. Consequently, when the desired circumstances happen to occur, there arises an abrupt state of elation. Therefore, one who does not know how to relax is tense during expectation, frustration and fulfillment. ​ Educate your body so that it can house a truly joyous and fulfilled mind, and be a constant channel for blissful expressions of divine wisdom. Continually adapt and adjust the condition of the nerve centers, breathing and diet. Balance and harmony are promoted in the body through the practice of relaxation allowing the mind to be gently brought to an elevated state, in turn, bringing success in the higher, spiritual goals of life.


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