• Scotty King

Giving Yourself Permission to Slow Down, Pause & Reflect During This Holiday Season

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of the holiday season. The pressure and expectation to fulfill everything we put on our plate. The action of doing and going to make it all happen.

End of the year deadlines and projects to complete

2022 business expectations, projections and goals

Personal and family life responsibilities and obligations

Last minute holiday shopping and gifts

Planning around holiday travels

Underneath all the additional pressure we put on ourselves during this time of year comes more stress, worry and anxiety. Running around with a sense of panic as if we are fighting against time during a season that is intended to be filled with presence, love, joy and celebration.

When did the holiday’s become so taxing on the body and nervous system? Why do the holiday’s become filled with more stress and responsibilities?

Why do we feel the need to be on-the-go during the holiday season?

Some may say, “It’s just that time of the year. It’s the way it is. The holiday rush.” Does this feel to be true to you? I believe we get to choose and recreate how we want to experience life, especially this time of the year, through being in tune with the needs of our heart, listening to what our body needs versus the conditioning of society.

Observe nature. The winter time is a cyclical time of the year where everything in nature slows down to go inward. It is a time to reflect, reassess, presence and celebrate the life we are consciously creating. I invite you to give yourself permission to slow-down and create space in your life. Not only for yourself, but for your loved one’s too. I invite you to take things off your plate that do not give you joy. You have full permission to say a sacred, “No, now is not the best time. This doesn’t feel aligned at the moment.”

You have full permission to put things off that are taking up unnecessary space in your life over what’s truly important.

Where can you create more spaciousness for what is meaningful to your heart?

Where can you shift things around in your life bringing more presence, love and attention to these meaningful areas?

Where can you celebrate yourself in how far you have come this year?

Your heart and nervous system are asking for a major slow down.

To be present, reflect and celebrate during this time.

Will you give yourself permission to honor the needs of your heart and body?

Here is a simple and easy 15-minute guided breathwork practice that will support you in relaxing and releasing the tension, stress and worry in your life so you can create space to presencel the connection, love, gratitude and joy during this holiday season.

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