• Amy Malespin

Happy Anni•H.E.R.•sary

The first H.E.R. Women’s Circle was a year ago, and my how times have changed! I remember that first weekend of March 2020 as it was the last “normal” weekend. My sister and I went to the club on Saturday. This was followed by a beautiful Sunday morning/afternoon in Miami Beach for the H.E.R. Women’s Circle. It was a small and intimate group of six women, all sharing unique personal stories. Each person came from a different place, background, ethnicity, age, yet there was a mutual understanding of the shared experience which created a genuine connection. This was during a pre-quarantine Miami, Florida, and COVID-19 social distancing was not an official requirement or thought yet. However, the following weekend, things were different in Miami; it was officially shut-down due to the pandemic, and the world was forever changed.

So, what does the acronym H.E.R. stand for? Heal. Energize. Renew. And I think everyone could use a little, or a lot, of H.E.R. in their lives, especially now during these enduring and disheartening times. The first H.E.R. Women’s Circle was Sunday, March 8, 2020, and it was an in-person private event at a local studio in Miami Beach. The guests were greeted by Irina, the host of the Women’s Circle, with a heartwarming smile. The ambiance was calming yet welcoming with beautifully arranged candles and rose petals on the floor.

The event was led by Irina and was approximately two hours. It included breathwork and meditation. It’s truly amazing how breathwork and meditation calm the mind and, consequently, the body. The theme for March was a conversation focused on Root Chakra energy, and each person had their root chakra worksheet [one page, nothing overwhelming]. Irina guided the circle through the worksheet, and each individual

shared their own experience. No one was put on the spot to share, yet everyone did so willingly.

For me, it was astonishing how open, honest, and vulnerable everyone was, especially when we think of female stereotypes such as cliché cattiness. None of that existed; it was a safe space for all involved. The more people shared, the more the experience resonated across the group; shifting from a “me” to a collective “we”. The class ended with a paired exercise, guided by Irina, and I left feeling refreshed, renewed, and looking forward to the next monthly H.E.R. Women’s Group. After this, the monthly H.E.R. Women’s Group switched to Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the year of H.E.R., Irina led each and every session with poise and knowledge. Each class consisted of breathwork and meditation that serves as the foundation to awaken your authentic self, values, and awareness. She provides an in-depth discussion on the monthly theme, and I have to say my favorite topic was the five love languages. I initially thought I knew my main two love languages, but after that monthly meet-up, I realized I didn’t know shit. LoL My awareness grew dramatically about how I give and receive love, while also becoming cognizant of how others express their love to me (family, friends, etc.). Healing isn’t easy, because if it was, everyone would do it. But the reality is, it’s hard to dissect yourself to truly grow and the theme of the five love languages was a hard moment of growth and necessary healing for me.

I am so incredibly grateful to Irina and all the women who have attended the H.E.R. group. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you. If you haven’t attended and want to heal, energize, and renew, I highly encourage you to join the next monthly H.E.R. women’s group.


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