• Pauline Nivens

Healing in Love

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Healing happens in love. There are so many ways society is organized to offer us niches for love. The holiday season is a niche. Society designs it to bring together disparate parts into a focus on all things good: love, joy, benevolence, generosity, cozy feelings and comfort, happiness, cherishing, warmth, and lights. God. The holidays are about occasions for love to flourish and be celebrated. It can be a powerful occasion when loving individuals come together to hold one another and smile in whatever activities the holidays hold them in. So much healing can imbue a loving niche of holiday cheer.

Family life benefits immensely in the holiday season. It can be a powerful occasion for healing. It can also be a powerful occasion for awareness of the failure of healing.

So many luminous individuals come from happy loving families that nurture them with love. These luminous individuals heal themselves in the love of their families in the togetherness of holiday cheer. This is the ideal. Many enjoy it.

For others, the holidays may demand the ideal, but fail to live up to it. When healing is needed and not fulfilled in the togetherness of holiday cheer, love of the self will demand that you look at who your family is. Looking is also a way of feeling.

For the suffering who have no love in family life, they will feel it if they want to heal. They will feel the stress, anxiety and fatigue in the multitude of ways those manifest. For those who suffer and want healing, it’s time to honor your feeling of stress, anxiety and fatigue with the power of choice you have as an adult to choose your family. The insistence of society on your staying with a group of people who do not feel good to be around, who do not honor your person, who make it such that you need time to recover from the holidays and recover your love of life and your goals and aspirations, this insistence is irrational and will hold you back from a happy life. It will make healing impossible.

The holiday season is the occasion for adults to master the niche. Become an expert in honoring who you are and what you need during a time that is designed to focus on all things good: love, joy, benevolence, generosity, cozy feelings and comfort, happiness, cherishing, warmth, and lights. Heal in God. Meditate.

Sign up for meditations, sound healing, coaching and breath work through Evolve. This is for mastery of the holiday niche, and for life generally. Loving yourself is the most generous gift of love to yourself during a niche of gifting, to a loving and a non-loving family who need your inspiration, and to God.

Choosing to spend the holiday season with a loving family is a way of growth and happiness. Choosing to spend it without an unloving family is a choice for healing and happiness. You may just inspire the unloving family to heal one day just by you healing you. Knowing that the unloving family members faced you every day of your life and chose not to love you is a liberating knowledge. And, now you can choose your life and not the denigration of your life they need to feel good about their lot.

Happy Holidays to the experts in honoring the self! Meditate with Evolve this holiday season. Relax with sound healing. Cherish your person and your feeling of love in the numerous modalities designed to support your luminosity during a beautiful time for you.


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