How the Moon Cycles Play into our Lives

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

As I embark on this journey of evolution of consciousness I find myself more open to beliefs that I previously dismissed. In 2003 I took my first yoga class which to me marked the start of my path.  Since then I have been invited to dozens of Full Moon and New Moon events but somehow never felt inspired to attend.  I just didn’t get it.  Recently though I have been exploring the moon cycles with an open mind and learning from those who have studied the moon and led their lives by it’s cycle for years.  

What really appeals to me is the thought of falling into a rhythm that is dictated by nature in which at New Moon we begin to create new initiatives and then at Full Moon we evaluate and release what no longer serves us.  With technology use on an ever increasing rise and my life seemingly managed by my online calendar it is refreshing to think that the moon could play an equal part in how I live out my days.  

I began to imagine myself with a new awareness of the phases of the moon and then surrounding myself with others also following this path.  I began to believe that we would all be more in tune; whether in our professional or personal lives.  I imagined the synchronicity that could come to life and the business deals that could be initiated around the New Moon and how I could scratch unnecessary projects off the list at Full Moon.  Same line of thought on the personal side; being more open to new friendships and relationships at New Moon and evaluating my current relationships at Full Moon. 

Living a life filled with more clarity has become very attractive to me lately and I believe this way of life, this simple calendar dictated by the moon could actually help me achieve this clarity.  

And so then I began talking with other friends about the moon and its cycles and many of us weren’t sure where to start, what to read, who to learn from and that is where 8evolve comes in to play.  The best place to learn might possibly be from someone who has been practicing a life in sync with the moon and would love to share their wisdom; an Astrologist ideally. We will soon have several Leaders from this modality on our platform which we will announce via our blog and social media. 

In the meantime, I would like to leave you with a few key facts and resources to get your mind in motion and help raise your awareness around the moon and it’s phases. While there are eight phases of the moon, I will leave the full story to be told by an expert and just start with the basics from my perspective!

• The New Moon - The start of the cycle, new beginnings!  This is the best time to think about new projects, to get yourself prepared to create.  Clarify intentions. 

• The Full Moon - A time to be grateful, to consider that which we can let go of - energy will be flowing and emotions may be heightened.  

I still have much to learn about the science, the tides, feminine energy and the like but for now I will simply allow myself to follow the cycles to start anew and to release.  Something tells me that giving myself this simple structure could make all the difference!  

Moon phase apps: 

The Moon Calendar - Daily Moon Phase, Zodiac, Perigee (Free version available)

Moonly - Moon Calendar, Affirmations, Runes, Wisdom ($3.99/month)

Adding moon phases to your calendar: 

How to Show the Moon Phases Calendar in Google Calendar

How to Show the Moon Phases Calendar on iPhone Calendar

How to Show the Moon Phases Calendar on Outlook Calendar

About the Author:

As a Business Consultant, Jen has spent the last few years independently consulting for small businesses and creating mindful connections within the professional community of South Florida. She is on her own personal journey of self-discovery and evolution of consciousness and enjoys sharing her experiences with the 8evolve community.

Jen Todd

Co-Founder of 8evolve


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