• Petia Dimitrova

How To Stay in the Present Moment This Holiday Season

The holiday season is marked by unusual excitement: gift shopping, wrapping, travel arrangements to snowy or exotic destinations, making plans for a better future. Our overwhelming schedules, packed with last-minute obligations and end-of-the-year festivities, can make staying in the present moment a challenging task.

But enjoying the present moment during the holidays is very important; the future is uncertain, the past is history and all we really have is the present! The ability to extract the maximum pleasure from the current moment improves our peace of mind and well-being.

How to stay present in this holiday season:

  1. Focus on your inner self, not only on the outer world with its numerous distractions and temptations. Breathe deeply to establish a smooth breathing pattern and evaluate your condition. Make sure you feel good, both physically and emotionally. Get rid of the accumulated anxiety and the causes of stress in your life. Control your mind. Think positively.

  2. Engage in a physical activity that will de-stress you. Getting involved in a hobby that you enjoy will help you stay focused on this holiday season. This could be yoga, meditation, tennis, salsa classes… anything that can help you establish a stronger bond with your surroundings in the moment.

  3. Keep a diary or a journal to mark the holiday season’s highlights. Make a note of important activities and events, elaborate on gift ideas, describe sights and images that have left a vivid stamp in your mind. Take photos of holiday ornaments, decorations and Christmas trees. Enjoy the little gifts of the present!

  4. Donate. Toy drives are an excellent opportunity to connect with the local community over the holidays. You can create a memorable holiday experience by giving, and receiving gratitude through small gestures like gift exchange and toy donations. Even wrapping up a gift can help you stay more in the present moment.

  5. Self-care helps you connect better to the current moment. Spoil yourself with things that make you happy. Go to a spa, meditate with relaxing music, get some exercise. Connect with yourself on a deeper level, so that you can connect easier with the surrounding environment.


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