• Karen McCoy

Lunar Eclipse, Explained

Today’s Lunar Eclipse is in the sign of Sagittarius. It is at 5 degrees 25 minutes and it is conjunct the South Node. Eclipses are in effect for approximately six months.

Whenever a Lunar eclipse is at the South Nodal point it is asking us to clean something up. Often this is something we have been carrying from early childhood. The Lunar eclipses are always more personal than the solar eclipses. When they are conjunct the North Nadal axis they are teaching us something new. When they are conjunct the South Nadal axis they are asking us to clean something up.

The sign they happen in tells us what needs cleaning up. The house the eclipse falls in our personal charts tells us what areas of our lives this clean-up is needed. For example, if it happens in our second house it affects our finances. In our seventh house, it affects our close personal relationships.

With this eclipse being in the sign of Sagittarius it relates to judgment. It is time for us to look at where we are judgmental in our lives and learn to make adjustments and release these judgments. Judgment usually originates from fear, lack of understanding, or is passed down from family opinions.

We are not born judgmental, it is environmentally learned. It can be learned from the media, TV, movies, books you have read, friends, or maybe family members. It is subtle teaching. It teaches you to be fearful of something, someone, a race, a culture, a country, a religion, or maybe someone’s spiritual practices. All the things that are not you, or you do not understand.

Sagittarius rules our ability to move forward in life with joy. As long as we hold on to antiquated judgments, ideas, or concepts, there is no moving forward with joy.

This eclipse is challenging us to look at these things with curiosity instead of condemnation. If you believe your way is the only way how about learning about the other ways. This does not mean you need to change your way, it just means learn about the things you judge so you can understand them. Then remind yourself we were all born with free will and different lessons we were put here to learn. Your path could not possibly be the path that is good for everyone, it is the path that is yours and yours alone. Look at it like if you are traveling east and another is traveling west you are seeking different experiences at this point in your lives. It does not make either of you wrong. Like the fireman runs into the fire and most of us run away from the fire, for we have different jobs to accomplish.

You may see a homeless person on the street, do you judge them for being there, or do you think I wonder what horrible thing happened to this person that put them in this position. Do you ever think maybe the world needs to develop compassion and that is why so much of this is put in our faces? When you are at lunch with some male friends and one of the guys looks at the waitress and says he would like to hit that. Do you laugh with the other guys and continue the cycle of objectifying females, or do you think about your sister, wife, mother, or girlfriend and make a joke about his immaturity instead of just going along with the guys? When you are selling something and your son is standing there and the person trying to buy from you asks you to sell it at a lesser price, do you make some kind of anti-Semitic comment forever creating a negative connotation about Jewish people for your child. Or, when he asks you how come that man asked you to sell it for less. You tell him in many cultures bargaining is normal, that’s just his way of finding if there was any room for movement in my price.

If you are shopping in a store with your child and you see a teenage black boy, do you fear he will cause you harm, and change direction, or push your child behind you in a protective motion, thereby teaching your child they should be afraid of black teenagers? Maybe you could work on letting go of your fear and greet that young man with a smile and a nod. Setting a positive example for your child. Give some thought to learning about the religion of others instead of fearing or judging them because the unknown is scary for most. Instead, empower yourself with knowledge. Think about all the jokes and negative talk we have between our friends and family that is spoken in front of our children and you will understand how we pass prejudices on to them. They are young and impressionable, if it comes out of the mouths of their parents, it must be true. Set a better example, break the cycle. Show them a better more intelligent side of you, instead of ugly ignorance. For the past several years we have seen almost as much anger, hatred, and judgment come to the surface as we saw during World War II. These cycles come around to test us, to see if we will buy into the fear that is being pandered. For the consciously evolved they use introspective to cleanse their lives of the negative emotion that is being sold. For the unevolved, they drink the Kool-Aid and are not capable of self-reflection. The body stores judgment in the liver, spleen, hips, thighs, and blood. If any of these areas of your body are giving you any difficulty, I encourage you to root it out and free yourself. If it is towards a person and that relationship cannot be fixed, it is healthier to walk away than live in judgment. If it is a fear of someone else educate yourself on their beliefs or life circumstances. If it is about self, caulk everything up to now as education let the perceived mistakes go, learn from them and make the choices you would prefer in the future. Holding yourself down to old choices keeps you from doing better, for you keep seeing yourself in a negative light. Learn from the past and keep it there, knowing it is up to you to create a better future. With this eclipse being a South Nodal Sagittarius eclipse, these are the issues the universe is asking us to address and it will not allow us to come away from the same. We will either fix something within in or create a problem in these areas of our bodies as a constant reminder of what needs addressing. Do yourself a favor and put a stamp on it. God Speed, Karen McCoy


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