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The Solstice Star

Many people are referring to this upcoming star as the “Star of Bethlehem”, some are calling it the “Christmas Star”. I prefer to call it the “Solstice Star”.

The spiritual/astrological meaning of the “Star of Bethlehem” is interpreted/explained by many, all with their own unique opinion. This beautiful Star that will be created on December 21, 2020, although magnificent is not the Star of Bethlehem. The Star of Bethlehem was a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. Those planets conjoin each other once a year. There is a difference between conjunctions, some are actual conjunctions in the heavens and some are only considered conjunct because they appear that way from earth. Sometimes there are conjunctions where the planets are actually far apart but because of the tilt in the axes of the earth from our view, they appear to be right next to one another. When the “Star of Bethlehem” was formed back in the day of Christ both were true. Venus was as close to Jupiter as it could possibly be. That actual conjunction formed the most exquisite star known to humankind ever formed in the heavens. Venus rules Love and Jupiter is spiritual guidance and expansion. That star brought the highest form of love possible to our planet, affecting the consciousness of humankind. Raising our consciousness to a level it had never before known. This Star has not yet been repeated and will not be repeated Monday. I am not currently aware of when, or if it will ever repeat itself. Though I am aware that when an event occurs in the heavens we feed on that energy until the same energy returns and offers a new gift.

This year the conjunction is of Jupiter and Saturn. Again, Jupiter is expanded spiritual knowledge and Saturn is structure and form, it stands for the karmic cycle of our earth journey. As the long point of the star hangs down toward earth it represents the sword of spirit penetrating matter and informing it. It is a gift for humankind, a gift that will assist us to gain a greater understanding of our spiritual purpose along the journey of life. The conjunction will create a very bright star and with it happening on the darkest day of the year (winter solstice) it represents spirit bringing light into our darkest hour. It informs us to look up instead of down. It lifts our heads, eyes, and hearts up to the heavens and does its part to restore faith.

We have all been hearing that the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn only occurs once every 800 years. This is only partially true. These planets actually come together approximately every 20 years. Though for 800 years they continue to conjoin in the same element, slowly making their way to the next. For the past 800 years, these conjunctions happened in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn). Earth signs are connected to the physical, making tangible things most important to our growth. Money, possessions, things we could touch and have were learning tools and we were judged on how we handled them. Did we share, or were we greedy were the spiritual questions of the time. Now for the next 800 years, these conjunctions will be in the element of air (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius). This makes knowledge, information, communication, and relationships the vehicle of lessons currently in action on the planet. Usually, there is a conjunction in the upcoming element a time before the transition to help us prepare. Back in 1980, there was a conjunction in Libra (air) that was in place for 20 years that began the preparation for the time we are stepping into on December 21, 2020. After that, there was one last conjunction in an earth sign in 2020 that is in place until this coming conjunction.

Change is easy for some and difficult for others. As we move into a time on the planet where the accumulation of money and things become less of a priority. Hopefully, because we have all that we need. Try to remember that we all learn and grow at our own rate. Remember this is an 800-year lesson. Demanding growth out of others and not allowing them to learn at their own pace will only create conflict. When I look at the chart created at the time of this conjunction, the first planet to come to the ascendant is Mars. This means there will be those that are willing to fight to retain the old ways. It is an unnecessary battle for change will come, it is written in the stars. It is not yours to push. It is yours to step into the change and be the example.

I pray we all learn to prioritize what is most valuable to us at this next stage of our human experience. Relationships, Community, Humanitarianism, Information, Knowledge, bottom line Sharing.

About the Author:

Karen McCoy is a third generation astrologer who has dedicated over forty years to teaching and assisting people to integrate the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of themselves. Her astrological practice is international and includes several thousand clients.

Karen McCoy, Spiritual Astrologer


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