• Naomi Olson

Touched by Energy

Have you ever been touched…on the inside? A feeling of kindness and warmth that overcame you? Did someone surprise you, help you, go beyond your expectations? Did you see an interaction that sparked emotion or perhaps watched an inspirational movie?

We know touch is vital to living a healthy life. “Human touch can completely change the way the body functions. From your heart rate to your blood pressure to the efficiency of your digestive system, welcome touch can make your body work better” (Ben Benjamin, Ph.D., and Ruth Werner). Can energy, emotion, feelings, and senses touch us as profoundly as physical touch?

According to Mehmet Murat Ildan, “We touch people mostly without touching them: We touch them with our words, with our smile, with our eyes, with our courage, with our madness, with millions of different ways! What are we? We are contacting beings without contacting!” This implies our energy, intentions and actions are just as powerful as the physical.

Have you noticed sometimes you may be thinking about a friend or activity shared with someone and all of a sudden you get a call/email/text from them? Energy is real thing.

"Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphic resonance proposes an idea whereby all self-organizing systems in nature tap into a sort of collective memory that is not stored in the brain. Instead, this inherited memory exists psychically and can be accessed without regard to distance” (From the Gaia website).

Regardless if we are aware of it or not, there is a resonance happening between us collectively. We are tuning in and sensing each other constantly. Distance energy healing sessions focus on this unseen quantum field that is transmitting information. Beyond our idea of normal time space reality, we can connect and use our attention to inspire the movement of energy. By setting an intention to hold a heart centered space for the client to deepen in, an energetic communication takes place and the intelligence of the human system beyond just the physical and mind realm transpires.

Deep within us is an imprint of health and natural evolution. Our daily lives often disconnect us from this inner wisdom. Energy fields can bypass our conditioning and speak to the very depths of our being. The more we open and explore this subtle language, the deeper we connect to our personal energetic field, the fields of others and the miraculous synchronicities of life.

About the Author:

Naomi Olson RCST, LMT, is the founder of Boundless Wave, and is a Healer (massage, biodynamic craniosacral, yoga/meditation), Artist (photography and collage), and Lover of the Sea. She Seaspires others to Create, Heal, and Transform their stress, anxiety and trauma, into peace, strength, joy, and freedom. Listen to The Sea is Medicine Podcast, join a Sea Ceremony, attend a Waveinar, purchase a print, take a course or go on retreat!


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