• Jennifer Todd

What Are You Taking Into 2021?

What a year! We've never quite experienced a year like 2020. It's brought enormous challenges, surprising opportunities and huge changes to the way we work, live and love. Remember, life is happening For you, not To you.

As we approach the end of the year, I invite you to reflect on and share the most important lesson you’ve learned in 2020. Knowing that when the lesson is learned, the experience is no longer necessary, leave the pain of the growth and take the wisdom of it!

Mine is simple: I Can!

For years I was so conditioned with the phrase - I can’t - I would take it with me everywhere I go… At the beginning of the year, in our women’s circle, a woman spoke and said: I know I Can always figure it out on my own, it gives me freedom to think this way... and I adopted her approach mentally, creating a shift from I Can’t to I Can...

I can love and I I can be loved

I can be alone and I can be together

I can be strong and I can be soft

I can create and I can un-create

I can and I cannot, and even when I cannot, I still can

So, what are you taking with you into 2021?

Self Confidence = Self Love. It is simply your relationship with yourself.

Self confidence is not about being strong! Or being successful! Or being powerful… Self confidence is about you being you!

When you meet yourself at the deep level, when you see all the shades and all the colors of your consciousness, embracing all of them, inclusively, you will begin to step into the authenticity. You will come to know oneself!

And that, my friend, is a true beauty! Your authenticity, your healthy relationship with you, your ability to accept good, bad and indifferent, your inexhaustible self love...



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